Thursday, May 17, 2012

Juding Jane's Cafe Naples, Florida

Place:  Jane's Cafe  Location: Old Town Naples, FL
Date:  April 15, 2012
Meal:  Brunch

If you are looking for the most expensive breakfast in Naples, look no further than Jane's Cafe.  Located in the tres-chic 3rd Street area of Old Town Naples, Jane's is the place to see the rich and famous (mostly rich) residents of Naples.  Tucked away behind the upscale, shop lined streets is this little jewel of a cafe buzzing with energy.  Don't even try to go there after church on Sunday because that's when the Naples super-rich head over there for the $24 lobster omelets!

Waiting for a table at Jane's is your first wait of the day.  After you are seated, you're going to wait for the waiter.  (Maybe that is why they call him a "waiter?")  After that, there's a wait for the food.  I also waited for coffee this morning.  But my shrimp, lobster, asparagus and Swiss cheese omelet was very yummy and I ate every bite.  But, at $18 for just an omelet, English muffin and fruit garnish, it was a tad expensive. No potatoes!  I suppose it's a GOOD thing that there are no potatoes at Jane's.  No hash browns or home fries drenched in butter and sour cream.  Yes, I suppose that's a good thing.  It's one of the things that makes Jane's an almost healthy choice for brunch.  The "Organic Plate" is also very healthy and calorie friendly - eggs, whole wheat toast, tomatoes and spinach.  (Boooor-ing!)

If you are the "bread for breakfast" type then steer away from the "Organic Plate" and head to the "Chocolate Monkey French Toast."  yup - chocolate and bananas with monkey bread and syrup.  If it doesn't kill you, you'll probably enjoy it.  The waffles look very good, light and fluffy, covered in fresh fruit and whip cream.  Don't let the fresh fruit kid you, this breakfast is also packed with calories.  As you waddle out of Jane's you'll probably be in the mood to walk off some of the calories.  The shops of 3rd Street are great and there's a new gelato place next to The Island Company.  Go ahead and have some dulce dessert because it's not like you're going to fit into anything they sell at The Island Company if you keep eating like this.

Enjoy Breakfast on 3rd Street!  Auntie

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