Friday, July 30, 2010

Judging Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

I recently went to visit my sister who resides in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.  She just moved to the area so this was my first opportunity to visit, and I had a great time!  

Park Slope is a neighborhood with tons of character and activities, especially for food enthusiasts. It's considered one of the nicest places to live in NY, located right next to Prospect Park the tree lined side walks, brown stones, and vibrant community make you feel like you are in a totally separate city.

Here are a few of the places I ate while visiting:

Lunch the first day I was there we went to a great little pub, The Double Windsor, to watch a soccer game.  The pub had wonderful fries and an exceptionally cheesy grilled cheese sandwich.  My sister ordered the fish tacos, which may not have been the best order for such as place and due to this the fish was dry.  A friend of ours ordered the veggie sandwich melt and reported that it was very good.  Judged as good bar food.

For a snack we went to an amazing pie shop, Four and Twenty Blackbirds. Once you enter your transported to a quaint shop in the Shenandoah Valley or your grandmother's kitchen. While the ambiance was a treat itself the pie was really the star.  The owners (two sisters!) of Four and Twenty Blackbirds state, "We source our ingredients locally and organically when possible and incorporate natural sweeteners such as honey, molasses and unrefined sugar in our recipes. Many of our products are made with whole grain flour and we buy our ingredients according to season."  My sister and I ordered the rhubarb crumble, which was out of this world.  The pie was homemade with excellent ingredients, which really came through in the flavor.  I would rank this right next to my grandmother's pie.  Judged as a place you have to visit on your next trip to NYC.

For Sunday brunch my sister and I ventured just up the block to Sotto Voce for their $12.95 brunch with unlimited mimosas.  I love mimosas and so was very excited by this deal.  I had the veggie frittata and my sister had the eggs benedict, her favorite breakfast item.  I thought the frittata was just ok, nothing special.  My sister likes their eggs benedict and has had them a few times, but admits that it's not the greatest eggs benedict she has ever had.  Mainly we went there for the price and the drinks.  Judged as a deal for yummy mimosas, but be sure to eat slowly so you can have more than one.  

After a few month of living in Park Slope my sister has reported to me that there are many wonderful restaurants including one owned by a former Top Chef contestant.  I'm excited to return and taste some more of the local fare.    

Please note, there was a lot of walking involved in this trip, which I have not reported.  ;)

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