Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Great Escape

Fourth day in Finland -

Greg, Sam, and I decide to have a nice brunch at a cute little cafe downstairs from our temporary apartment. Brunch is going well, food is good, baby is happy. Then I hear a weird noise and think to myself, "it sounds like they have a tiger back there." No, it's no tiger, it's our dog howling his face off.

Me: "That noise, it's Bona."
Greg: laughs
Me: laughs and cringes 

We are just guessing that since we are so close to our place, we must just be hearing him from the apartment. We joke that he's in the courtyard outside, but decide that, that's not possible.

The rest of the meal we discuss whether or not we will continue our day or go upstairs and check on him. Since the barking is continuous and Sam seems tired we decide to head back into the apartment. Upon our arrival, we discover that Bona is in the main hallway. Luckily, some very nice neighbors are also there, they explain that Bona has escaped the apartment three times and they have kept putting him back.

The reason Bona was able to escape the room we put him in was because of the door handle, which he was easily able to jump up and hit, the main door to the apartment also has a handle like this. Knobs would have kept him in.

Bona is going in the crate for a while and we owe our neighbors some wine.

Judgment: Our dog is too smart and we are idiots.

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