Saturday, April 6, 2013

Patrona: A Mexican Restaurant in Helsinki

I went out to my first dinner since officially moving to Helsinki and it was to a Mexican restaurant. I know this seems strange, but in my defense, Greg and I had visited a few weeks ago and at that time we ate at a number of classic Finnish restaurants. I just didn't get a chance to write those up because of the move. They were all very good and I'm glad I have to go back so that I can take pictures and do a write-up. 

Okay, onto Patrona. I was invited to a girls night out by one of my new mom friends here in Helsinki. There was 10 of us for dinner and a 7 course menu was established ahead of time due to the size of our group. This was great because I was able to try so many dishes.

I'm not going to drone on about every dish (truth: I didn't take a picture of every dish). I'll provide some highlights. Oh also, Patrona is owned by a man from Mexico and is credited as being the only authentic Mexican in Helsinki. So this is legit.

The margaritas were awesome! Made to order with fresh lime juice meant there was a bit of a wait between drinks, but it was worth it.

The chicken enchiladas were also excellent.

To finish up the meal they served a cold lime cake. This was the best part. The creamy lime filling with the not overly sweet pastry was perfect.

Judged as a place I would certainly go back to when we have a craving for Mexican and margaritas.

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