Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo & Coco's Birthday

My friends and I went out for dinner this evening in celebration of Cinco de Mayo and their dog, Coco's birthday.  Coco did not attend her own birthday celebration as she was not allowed in the restaurant; however, she did stay home and hang out with her best friend, my dog. They had doggy treats from a local dog bakery that they judged a delicious enough to sit and wait for.

To celebrate we went to our local Mexican chain restaurant, Guapos. We love Guapos for the location, fun atmosphere, friendly staff, margaritas (which can be made as big as your face), and homemade chips & salsa. The main entrees are usually decent and there are some healthy option.

I had the chips, salsa, a Corona light, and the Guapos Salad.  The salad comes with grilled chicken or beef, mushrooms, green peppers, onion, avocado, and hearts of palm. The salad also comes with a delicious dressing, which I think is a Tex-Mex ranch.  The dressing is always served on the side, helping with portion control. The salad is judged as a great way to feel better about all of the chips you just ate.

The food was good and the place was packed, but the best part of the night had to be the mariachi band.  They were a ton of fun and a great addition to the already jubilant atmosphere.  Judged as a fun way to spend Cinco de Mayo on a work night.

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