Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Trip to the Beach

This past weekend I went to Rehoboth Beach with my mom to enjoy the beach, relax, and try some of the local fare.

We arrived on Saturday at lunch so we went to a sandwich place next to the board walk, Dave and Skippy's. Dave and Skippy's is one of the few places along the board walk where you can get a fresh sandwich with veggies and whole grain bread. I had a delicious turkey sandwich and my mom had the California reuben - a reuben made with turkey. Judged as a fresh way to still look good in your bathing suit.

Later in the day we had our favorite fries ever - Thrashers.

Thrashers fries, while not judged as healthy are worth the calories. The potatoes are sliced on site, they are then fried in peanut oil, and rather than ketchup you are encouraged to pour apple cider vinegar on top.  Judged as delicious!

Following the fries, we took a walk on the beach.

We had dinner at Claws on Rehoboth Ave.  Claws has some great steamed shell fish options, tasty Maryland crab soup, which has a veggie based broth for low calorie goodness.  They will also broil or fry their crab cakes, we had one broiled crab cake each.  Claws is judged as good food with lots of healthy choices.

The next morning we took a talk around town and ended the walk at Retro Cafe & Grille.  I had the California Omelet made with egg whites and my mom had the french toast.  While the menu looked good, the food was not impressive.  The avocado in my omelet wasn't ripe and mom's meal was just so-so. My judgment is that we probably won't visit again with so many other great options in the area.

Another long beach walk - we needed it.

Later that day we stopped for lunch at Arenas Deli and Bar.  This was a diamond in the rough, down an ally with a dark bar and TV's it was initially judged as a place with typical bar food; however, the menu was outstanding. I had the chicken salad made with tarragon and grapes on top of a bed of fresh lettuce and veggies while my mom had the veggie burger with guacamole on top. Both were fantastic.  This was judged as a place to return the next time I am in Rehoboth.

To finish the trip we stopped in a new place, Annie's Bananies.  The creator, Annie, came up with the idea to juice frozen bananas into a soft serve frozen treat.  Annie herself made my frozen treat while telling us her story.  The shop is cute, the Bananie was delicious, and since it was only one frozen banana the Bananie was very healthy. Note: I had her top mine with chocolate syrup. Judged as a great place to get a frozen treat!

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